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Finally, I'm not sure about continuing the amber_by_mail game ... I have to admit -- I'm losing gusto for it, finding it hard to find time for it, and am really not sure if anybody else is enjoying it. Are people really enjoying it? Do they really want to play it? The big problem is that the plot is designed as this amorphous beast that can handle your ability to try to kill it, and it seems a lot of people are playing "seek and follow the plot" style ... which is, apparently, the best way to kill it, because I don't necessarily have the time to actually keep constructing the plot. That's what the characters are for ...

So. Do you want to keep playing? Yey or Nay?
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Aub: The World, The People, and the Religion

Aub is a small world. There are some cities, but the population is primarily rural. Farmers and shepherds dominate rural society, while in the cities wealth and prestige reign. Trade flourishes, and technology is very primitive. (OOC: Think ancient Greece/Rome.) The patriarchs rule in the cities, in a sort of democracy, although highly limited.

ReligionCollapse )

Worship of HecateCollapse )

And so, we go on, year after year. The rituals change as the people change, but they have remained mostly similar for centuries, as our culture has remained similar. Since Sobek retreated from humanity, there have been very few advances technologically.

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Pez & Curgoth:

I've replied to both your e-mails today ... if you didn't get your response, let me know here.

Curgoth: I think I want that momento-mori account set up for me. It'd be nice to get something reliable.
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Auction Results

Auctions are closed! Results are in!

They are as follows:


1. Kirsten (27)
2. Matt (26)
3. Liz (20)
4. Allison (12)
5. Pete (0)
5. Sean (0)


1. Sean (30)

2. Pete (20)
3. Allison (6)
4. Kirsten (0)
4. Liz (0)
4. Matt (0)


1. Kirsten (20)
2. Liz (16)
3. Pete (15)
4. Allison (12)
5. Matt (0)
5. Sean (0)


1. Pete (25)
2. Sean (15)
3. Allison (10)
4. Matt (1)
5. Kirsten (0)
5. Liz (0)

Character creation will continue over the next week, with the game beginning either next weekend or early next week.

Because I'm worried that e-mail is fucking up.

We're in the last day of auctions, so keep your eyes on the bids ... remember that anything posted after 12:00 tonight (EST) won't be counted.

Current standings are ...

Psyche Auction:

Edited and Updated! Twice!
Matt - 26
Kirsten - 25
Liz - 20
Allison - 12

Kirsten! You don't want to lose by one ... Psyche is important for so many things in Amber, whether you're using a power, or someone is using one against you! All that time in a bottle, what might you have been doing? Training your psyche!

Psyche's clearly the most important attribute, but somehow is on the low end of bids! If the massive strength and warfare bidders come after you, how are you going to defend yourself? Dominate them psychically!

Strength Auction:

Sean - 30
Pete - 20
Allison - 6

Pete, don't let Sean win! With his warfare so close to yours, he can easily take a hit to move to grappling ... then there'd be trouble. Allison, you're being left behind! This is the 2nd auction that you're stuck at the bottom of.

The rest of you are just going to end up with your faces pummelled. Psyche, Warfare and Endurance are all well and good, but sooner or later an Amberite will be able to get their hands on you, and you don't want to be second best in strength ... easily the most important attribute.


Edited and Updated! Twice!
Kirsten - 20
Liz - 16
Pete - 15
Allison - 12

A close race! Don't be second best here! Endurance is SO important, in everything you do. An advantage in Endurance can make up a slight disadvantage in anything else, plus it's a huge advantage overall ... you can't use powers all day, then expect to win in a fight with a low Endurance.

The race is so close ... can you afford to be 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) in Endurance, when 1st place is less than 5 points away?


Pete - 25
Sean - 15
Allison - 10
Matt - 1

Allison! Another auction you're near the bottom of ... that makes four! That's no advantage to you, at all ... everybody else knows where you rank -- and they're better than you!

Sean ... you can't let Pete have that kind of advantage over you in Warfare. You'll never get your hands on him to make it a Strength contest! Get ahead of him before it's too late!

25 is a pitiful amount for Warfare anyways ... I've never seen Warfare or Psyche go for such small amounts ... pathetic little bids.

Warfare is easily the most important attribute. Amber is about strategy and conniving. People are looking to put a knife in your back at all times. What's going to save you? Warfare, of course.

You're all flirting with disaster, with such low warfares.

Go bid! Now!

Edit: Some more bidding has occurred, but they're all small bids! You're not out of it! Bid high! Dare your fellow players to try to top you, don't make it easy for them to do so! Kirsten and Allison -- you're falling further behind!

Edit #2: More bidding! Kirsten still trails Psyche by only one!!! You don't want that, Kirsten. He's taunting you ... make him pay. Most of you will still be beaten up by Pete, Sean and even Allison. OK, I suppose you can run away from Sean, he tires easily.
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I'm doing the planning work for the Amber By Mail website right now.

Stuff I'm hoping to have it be able to do;

  • give each PC thier own page with a brief bio and small icon

  • give each PC thier own journal page, ala LJ, but more specifically designed for the game. Players could post their PC journal contributions (worth bonus points!) here.

  • give each PC a "gallery" of images. This way, if you're artisically inclined, you can put up images of stuff for the game, and get points fo it. Also, the gallery would make browsing through those images easier.

  • each PC would have thier own login to handle uploading of pictures and journals. I don't know if there's a real need to be able to lock journals based on user id - any thoughts on this folks?

Any further suggestions or comments?

Also, for those who know, what is everyone's PC named?

On a peripherally related point, be warned that I'll be asking people for character descriptions eventually, since I'm planning to do a "trump" portrait of each PC. Because I want bonus points, too.
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Am I really going to get away with 2nd place in warfare for one point? Remember, folks, even if you buy up secretly, you'll always be only slightly better than 2nd place me with my one point, and not as good as 1st place. Also, I want you all to spend yourselves into oblivion because I'm a jerk. :)

But seriously; selfishidol, pez_minotaur, corwin77 where are you guys?

I enjoy auctions, perhaps a bit too much. Bid!