Curgoth (curgoth) wrote in amber_by_mail,


I'm doing the planning work for the Amber By Mail website right now.

Stuff I'm hoping to have it be able to do;

  • give each PC thier own page with a brief bio and small icon

  • give each PC thier own journal page, ala LJ, but more specifically designed for the game. Players could post their PC journal contributions (worth bonus points!) here.

  • give each PC a "gallery" of images. This way, if you're artisically inclined, you can put up images of stuff for the game, and get points fo it. Also, the gallery would make browsing through those images easier.

  • each PC would have thier own login to handle uploading of pictures and journals. I don't know if there's a real need to be able to lock journals based on user id - any thoughts on this folks?

Any further suggestions or comments?

Also, for those who know, what is everyone's PC named?

On a peripherally related point, be warned that I'll be asking people for character descriptions eventually, since I'm planning to do a "trump" portrait of each PC. Because I want bonus points, too.
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