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Character Concepts

In a psuedo response to Curgoth's post about possible characters I'd like to present my top four ideas:

Oshi: Daughter of Benidict, raised in Shadow Earth, oriental girl, aproximatly 9 years old. Cute as a button.

Wrenn: Daughter of Fiona, spent the last decade of her life on a frontier cersion of Shadow earth learning to manipulate people as only a young woman in a narrow minded sexist society.

Green: A very weak man who has some how come into possesion of a very powerful artifact, he's in way over his head and is using all his wit and his mighty, mighty, sword to survive in the harsh world of Amber.

Damian: Parentage unknown, very politically connected. Mover and shaker in both Amber and Chaos. His connections are both deep and far reaching.
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