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character concepts

In the interests of promoting connections with other PCs, and generating discussion, here are some of the character concepts I'm considering;

The Prince of Dragons

Lost child of Amber, who rides the winds through Shadow on his Big Dragon. Theoretically lives in Amber, but doesn't stay there for long stretches.


A Chaosian Trump Artist with a progressive mind and a preference for a "modernised" Chaos. He thinks Patternfall was the best thing to happen to Chaos in a long time.


Logrus Master, longs for an independant Chaos. Young, angry and political.

The Craftswoman

Trump Artist and Conjurer, she makes gadgets that do strange things with trumps. She'd work centred in Chaos or Amber.

The Doctor

The greatest physician in all of Shadow. He has studied medicine the way Benedict studies war. He has a terrible bedside manner and the bad hand-writing of which all other scrawl is but Shadow. For personality, think a grumpy Sherlock Holmes.

Let me know which you like best, or if any of them would work particularly well with a charcter concept you have, etc.
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